The goal of the student theater group “Jas órken” is not only to study the features of artistic art, to stage theatrical performances, but also: – comprehensive development of students’ art and folk art; – the formation of an emotional culture of personality; – the formation of acting.

The classes of the circle are conducted by the artist of the Drama Theater and Cinema, Master of Science “Art Studies” Ongarbaeva Zhadyra Nurgainovna.

In the creative direction, the achievements of the Jas órken student theater can be especially noted. The members of this theater will present the performances of famous Kazakh, also foreign playwrights. In the student theater students showed acting qualities, showed all spectators performances on various topics. Members of the circle actively participate in many cultural events.

The main goals of the circle are the ensemble of folk instruments “Jas órken”: • increasing students’ interest in art, • promoting the creative work of students, • inculcation of national processes through youth training in dombra tools, • spiritual education of youth.

The head of the circle, Zholdas Nurzhan Ordauly, is a laureate of republican and regional competitions and kuishi.

In the genre of “folk music”, members of the circle develop their talents at city and regional competitions and take prizes. The regional festival of arts “Mangystau stars” in the genre of “National Orchestra” was attended by the ensemble of dombraists “Zhas Uren” and took the prize. Also, in the city festival “Student Spring” was a competition “Best kuishi”, our dombra players received the main prize.

Student vocal club “Mańǵystaý”

In the process of teaching a student in a circle to learn on stage to know the culture, technique, discipline of songwriting, moral, spiritual and aesthetic education through Kazakh traditional musical art.

The head of the vocal circle Makina Gulnara Imanbaevna is an excellent student of the culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan, an honored worker of culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as an experienced teacher and singer.

From year to year, the professional level of the student vocal club “Mańǵystaý” is increasing. Soloists of the circle take an active part in all regional, city events, concert programs. The names of the circle’s singers became known both in the region and in the republic.

The “Ýnıver” vocal and instrumental ensemble not only organizes and implements new methods of cultural and leisure activities that are conducted with students of the circle, as well as – Comprehensive development of artistic and folk art of students; -Creation of a group of singers in a circle, the development of vocal and instrumental art by supporting their professional performance.

The head of the vocal-instrumental ensemble circle, Dzhanmaganbetov Karlybek Bagdabaevich, is a winner of republican and regional competitions, an experienced teacher and composer.

Members of the circle take part in international, republican, regional, city, take an active part in university festivals and competitions.

“Dedicated to the great victory …”, as they say, in each festive event, students’ interest grows every year, interest in circles increases.

The goal of the “Jas dızaıner” club is to develop students’ portable abilities and learn how to tailor clothes according to their designs. During the lesson, different sides of sewing, design samples will be studied, the works of students of the circle will be presented.

“Head of the circle” is a young designer – Sarsenbaeva Alipzhan Abdullaevna – a professional tailor, designer, master of her craft.

This circle began it’s work at the university this year. Students will participate in regional, city and republican competitions.

The goal of “Arnay” dance ensemble circle is to develop students’ creative abilities, develop choreographic art through the creation of dance ensembles at the university.

Dance is a powerful art that enriches and purifies the inner personality. Dance art has a special influence on the formation of students’ personality, increases their motivation for creativity, work and business.

The circle of dancers represented Kazakhstan at the international competition in Azerbaijan, Baku. Circle dancers were awarded a diploma of the I degree in the regional competition of dancers named after Sh. Zhienkulov

The main goal of “The Folk Music” circle is to develop the national art of Kazakh people.

The head of the “Folk music” circle Kulymtanov Zhaksybay Aytereyevich is a laureate of republican, regional and city competitions, a folk singer and an experienced teacher.

Participating in the circle, students will learn to sing songs while playing folk instruments, will become familiar with the works of famous songwriters of Kazakh history. Students will also be provided with participation in regional, city and republican competitions.

The circle “Drawing and Fine Arts” is aimed at creating talented students with the ability to draw and teaching Fine arts.

The head of the circle “Drawing and Fine Art” – Kaldybaev Sagynbay Pirnazarovich – is a winner of republican and regional competitions and an artisan.

Participating in a circle, students, developing drawing skills, will analyze the works of world artists and fully dominate this area. Students will also be provided with participation in city, regional and republican competitions.